Quickbooks is designed to be user friendly but there is a big difference between knowing how to use a software and using a software effectively to manage your business. Whether your company is brand new or you have been using Quickbooks for a long time, we can help you get the most out of your software investment.

Consulting for Quickbooks can include:

  • New company set-up
  • Chart of accounts customization
  • Assistance with accounting concepts to help you understand the data flow and the resulting financial reports
  • Implementation of additional features that would be useful in managing your business
  • End user training

Application Integration

Quickbooks can be a complete solution for many businesses, but it does have limitations. If you are tracking data in Excel spreadsheets because Quickbooks does not have specific capabilities that you require, we can evaluate your set-up to determine if there is a workaround in Quickbooks. If there is not a suitable workaround, we can research additional applications that can be integrated with Quickbooks to effectively manage all aspects of your company’s financial data.

Applications that could improve your workflow:

  • Quickbooks Time Tracking – time tracking
  • Expensify – expense management software
  • Bill.com – bill and invoice management
  • Avalara – sales tax management
  • Transaction Pro Importer – converts data from Excel into a format that can be imported into Quickbooks

Software Consulting

Quickbooks is a popular software package and does have a lot of great features, but sometimes an industry specific software is a better fit. If you are using something other than Quickbooks and need assistance, we are still capable of supporting you and your accounting team.  

Software packages we support include (but are not limited to):

  • Propertyware – property management
  • Appfolio – property management